What are you a fan of?

Recently, someone asked me a question. The question was as follows. Outside of faith, family, and friends, what are you a fan of? What is your true passion? I thought, I am fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, and several other causes, teams, and organizations, but I knew this question was deeper and more soul searching. After much thought and consideration it hit me.

I am a fan of the person that gets up and goes to work to earn a living. I am a fan of the mother and father that raise their children teaching them responsibility, demonstrating faith, instilling values, and showing them love along the way. I am a fan of the soldier that puts their life on the line to protect our freedom and the person that assists and provides aid to that soldier in any way they can. I am a fan of the farmer and rancher for without him we would starve. I am a fan of laborers, clerks, truckers, sales people, office workers, miners, loggers, mechanics, and factory workers, as they keep us supplied, organized , and on the move. I am a fan of competition, the free market, the entrepreneur with the idea, the architect with the design, and the engineer with a plan. I am a fan of firefighters, law enforcement officers, and paramedics because they show up in our hour of need. I am a fan of the vet that saves a puppy, and the child that is thankful. I am a fan of preachers who reach souls, teachers that give their all, and healthcare workers who care. I am a fan of the retired person who has earned the right to respectfully do as they please and mentors others with ease. I am a fan of the person who is kind because that is their nature, people who have a generous heart, family, true friends, and those who get down on their knees and pray to God above. I am a fan of selfless ordinary people doing extraordinary things. You see, I believe the world is not starving for bread, but for civility, kindness, respect, and personal responsibility.

I am glad I answered this question for myself. You may want to consider answering it for yourself. What are you a fan of?

Respectfully Submitted,

Keith Inman