Robert Rymer’s Life of Service

Fan of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

This is where I met the love of my life…

robert rymar ato home life insurance salem missouriEven while pushing shopping cart on summer’s hottest days, Salem’s Robert Rymer still finds the time to say hello to local customers and make new friends at the supermarket where he’s employed.

“I just try to enjoy everyday, for me, it’s all about putting smiles on other people’s faces,” Rymer says. “No matter what life throws at you, you should try to make the best of it. Even if it’s not what you want, you should work to find your own happiness. I never saw the point in dreading things, I guess i’m just a natural optimist.”
Rymer has become a familiar face to many shoppers, not just for his distinctive youthful grin but for becoming a a regular source of conversation during trips to the store.

“You meet all kinds of people when you work at one of the only supermarkets in town,” Rymer says.”You can tell when someone comes in feeling on top of the world, while others are struggling just to pay for their food. I try to do what i can for whoever I meet, whether that be carrying an elderly person’s groceries or just listening to what they have to say. Once I gave a girl who was stranded $60 to help her get on her feet,not because she asked for it, but just that I overheard her conversation and knew she needed help.”

Originally born in Fort Riley, Kansas, Rymer was the son of the military who often moved base-to-base before finding a welcome home in Salem. Rymer eventually graduated from Salem High School in 2008 and has worked in the town ever since.

“I love Salem, it was a great place for me to grow up and I hope to raise my own kids here too,” Rymer says.

“This is also where I met the love of my life, and its where we got married.” Rymer says he met his wife Elsie at the Salem Bowling Center and the two quickly fell for one another. “When we first met Elsie I didn’t have a vehicle yet, so when we first started dating I’d have to walk five miles each day to meet up with her,” Rymer says. “I told her I didn’t mind it, it was it was all worth it to see her smile each day.”

This past summer they were married in a ceremony at at Salem City Park. Rymer says the couple is already expecting their first child.
“I want to have a big family,” Rymer says. “Down the road I’d love to have as many as five to six kids. I came from a big family myself and loved having a lot of brothers and sisters. I’d like my kids to have that same amount of love growing up that I did.”

Going forward, Rymer says he plans to keep working with the same amount of enthusiasm he’s embraced thus far in his career. His hope for the future is either finding a job at a distribution center or moving up the ladder into a management position.