Marilyn Lovins’ Life of Service

Fan of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Lovins’ love is keeping the world turning!

marilyn lovinsSalem’s most active senior just may be Marilyn Lovins, who not only stays active in her church, but loves volunteers extensively on several local boards. Lovins says she just loves to serve and has felt it her duty her entire life. “My pastor’s mother-in-law once told me people like me are ‘Hole-Fillers,’ whatever the world needs, we’re always trying to fill that hole, and make everything better for everyone,” Lovins says. I’m just thankful there are still people willing to put the work in to keep the gears turning, otherwise there’d be a lot of people lacking in the things they need. I enjoy serving, but I also feel like its a Christians duty. I guess i just keep doing what I do for the Lord’s glory.


Among the volunteer activities Lovins provides is acting as the secretary for the Carty Cemetery and Salem High School Class of 1958. She provides seamstress work for wedding gowns,drapes, jeans and all other kinds of fabrics. Three days a week Lovins can also be found at the Salem Fitness Center, where she exercises regularly and even teaches classes whenever she’s needed as a substitute.

“I’m busy all the time,” Lovins says with a laugh. “Each day I just think of what’s on the docket and take it one step at a time.” Of all these activities, however, Lovins says her favorite time is spent supporting Salem Full Gospel Church. There, Lovins teaches Sunday school, sings in the choir, acts as the church’s photographer and even helps with outreach efforts at the local nursing homes.

marilyn lovins auto home life insurance“I’ll even speak to the church members from time to time about what the lord has laid on my heart,” Lovins says. “I pray each time, and ask the Lord to guide me, He always comes through.” Lovins says she’s taught Sunday school to students’ ages four years old to nearly grown adults, but at the moment is especially taking heart to ministering to teenagers.

“Sunday school gives a foundation of what serving God is all about, it teaches young people abut Jesus being our savior and how to have peace in their lives by praying,” Lovins says.

“Right now I’m teaching to teens. I love them at that age because they’re just so full of life and enthusiastic. They’re all have dreams and aspirations of what they will become when they grow up. Many of them bring in art work they’ve created or share what projects they are working on for school. It’d a really neat age, and a time when prayers are very important.


Lovins grew up on a farm outside of Salem and has lived across the country her entire life. She says Salem is as good a place as she’s ever been. 
”Of all the places I’ve been in my life, I’d just assume live in Salem as any place else,” Lovins says.
”I think of Salem as home. This is a good community that’s filled with righteous people. I am always happy to do what I can to help others here.”